Welcome to MeadowBrook Farms!

In a quiet valley between two of the highest peaks of the northern Catskills - Vly and Bearpen Mountains - lies MeadowBrook Farms, a family farm specializing in dairy cows and heifers, meat goats, maple syrup, horse hay, mulch hay, alfalfa, and many other specialties, many dependent on the season.

MeadowBrook Farms began in the early 1850s when the Johnson family settled in Halcott, about a mile further up the mountain than where the main farm is now.  At that time, there were more than forty farms in Halcott.  Over the years, as many farmers left the area, the Johnsons' farm grew as they purchased the land they left behind.  The "Main Farm" was purchased in the 1890s, and the Johnsons moved down the mountain into the farmhouse dating from 1857.  Now there are but two farms left - the Johnson Farm (Meadowbrook Farms) and the DiBenedetto Farm (Crystal Valley Farm) three miles to the south.

Today, the farm consists of approximately 400 acres, though much of that is not usable land (or even accessible to anyone without hiking boots!) The farm is still owned by the Johnson family, and is worked by Tim and Christl Johnson, and daughter Adina.  Their son Jamin, located in Minneapolis, has a more peripheral role, maintaining their new-found presence on the internet, of which this
page is the first.